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21 September 2005 @ 09:23 pm

I think this is the first Bones fic! I wrote this in like under ten minutes so I apologize for any mistakes.

Title: Break

Pairing: Booth/Brennan

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Temperance finally breaks and Seeley is there for her.

Word Count: 615

            He’s serious and quiet when he’s working on a case. He feels like it’s his responsibility personally to solve the case, to bring the families closure, to help them move on. They deserve the kindness of a lie. She didn’t say anything but that line stayed with her, its still with her. She tried to follow it but she couldn’t, she’s not that kind of person. But there are other times when he’s relaxed and he jokes, he can make her laugh like no one else. But what really impresses her is that no matter how smarter-then-god her coworkers and even her, sometimes acted he ignored it or he verbally spared with them till they gave up, because there was no one more stubborn then him, except maybe her. He was always there for her, so it was no surprise that when she finally broke on a tough case she ended up at his now Tessa-free apartment, curled up on his bed with him holding her and stroking her back and talking to her calmly while she cried.

           He rubbed her arms and whispered soothingly in her ear and eventually, finally, she rolled over and faced him. For a minute anyway and then buried her face in his chest. They were laying on the bed so he pulled the blanket up over them. When Angela had called him and told him Temperance was having a hard time dealing with the case they had just solved he hadn’t believed her at until two seconds later when she shown up at his door crying. The case had been hard on all the squints, not him though. Well, every case was hard but they were civilians they weren’t used to dealing with a case like this one. Having to identify the remains of children killed by a pedophile, how he had killed them, what he had done, he was willing to bet most of them would be having nightmares. He gently kissed the top of her head and leaned over and flipped off the light.
            Temperance groaned and blinked blearily. Where am I? She groaned and rolled over and it all came back. The case, Booth.

           “Uhg.” She sighed and pinched her nose, squeezing her eyes shut. She lay there for a moment, taking everything in. The sheets smelled like Booth, everything smelled like him. She heard someone bustling in the kitchen and finally got up. She walked quietly and paused before she stepped into the kitchen. Booth was sitting at the table, sipping coffee and reading the news paper. She watched him for a moment.

            “Morning, Bones.” He greeted without turning around making her jump. She walked in and sat down. “You want breakfast? There’s eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee.”

            “Thanks.” She helped herself to all four and started digging in.

            “You okay?” he asked after a while. She paused and played with her food for a moment.

            “I…guess.” She put her fork down.

            “Does it get easier?” he put down his paper and leaned towards her, cupping her face in his hands.

            “Yes, even though it shouldn’t.” she nodded and let her head rest in his hands.

            “Thanks...you know, for everything.” She sighed. He smiled.

            “No problem. Like I said we’re Scully and Mulder.” He stood and gathered their plates.

            “Who are they?” she asked, following him into the kitchen.

            “You don’t know?” he asked incredulously over his shoulder.

            “No.” she said as if it was obvious.

           “You’re deprived.” He shook his head and she glared at his back, “They’re the main characters on the X-Files.” He walked into the bathroom.

           “Oh…wait! Didn’t they get married in the end!? Booth! Hey! Seeley come back here!”

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hey i like that..its good.. you should also join my bones fan fic and graphics community..it lacks members..the_bone_yard is the community name
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